I used a sweater that I moncler sale online have that fits me

Leave Me Alone Sweater

Don’t want to DIY? moncler sale Thanks to the incredible support I’ve gotten, Betabrand is sold out of s! I’m working on getting them set up for manufacture myself.This best moncler jackets sweater is convertible! You can moncler outlet online wear moncler uk outlet it three ways: cowl cheap moncler jackets womens neck, off the shoulder, moncler outlet sale and leave me alone. The leave me alone mode is more moncler usa of a statement than a functional piece of clothing I moncler womens jackets can’t see anything through my sweater. If you find yourself using the leave me alone mode a lot, you could add eye holes. Sweater that fits moncler sale outlet you (to use for sizing) 2 yards of fabric: I have a thick warm knit (regular price $20 but I got it for $12 at my local fabric store) Zipper: I used a 22 inch zipper and cut it down moncler online store to 14 inches. Use a longer zipper if you want your sweater to be able to go more off the shoulder. I got thick YYK brand zipper because I wanted it cheap moncler sale to be prominent.. I’m a fan!Step 1: Measure and Cut Sweater BodyYou’ll need to decide on four measurements https://www.moncler-jacket-outlet.com here (the measurements I used when cutting are in brackets): width of moncler outlet sweater body (40cm) length of sweater (88cm) width of cowl neck (26cm) length of cowl moncler outlet prices neck (50cm)I cut both the front and the back sweater body pieces discount moncler jackets at the same time moncler outlet store by placing two pieces of folded fabric so that the fold was on the left side. Note that the cowl neck and the sweater body are a connected piece of fabric. uk moncler outlet The total length of mine was 138cm (cowl). When you are cutting a side cheap moncler coats mens with the fold be sure to half the dimension.I used a sweater that I moncler sale online have that fits me to get the width of the sweater body. I took a measuring tape and using a mirror decided what measurement I wanted for the length of the sweater, from my shoulder to above my knees (I wanted the sweater long enough to be pants optional).For the width of the cowl neck, I measured on uk moncler sale my shoulders how wide I wanted the neckline to open up. For moncler mens cheap moncler jackets mens the length of the cowl neck, I wanted the zipper of the sweater hang in the middle of my face, so I measured from the nape of my neck over the back of my head to my nose.If you want to cut both sleeves at the same time, place two pieces of fabric folded in half such that the fold is on the top edge. Use your sweater as a template to decide what size to cut the sleeves. Cut your sleeves a couple inches longer than you want the final length to be, so you have enough fabric for the hem, and leave a 1/2 inch seam allowance. If your fabric has a pattern or print (for example mine is ribbed), make sure that the direction of the pattern on moncler outlet woodbury the sleeves matches the direction of the pattern on the body when you are wearing the sweater and your arms are down.I cut my cheap moncler jackets sleeves 73cm long, and the wrist edge measured 12cm (so the diameter would be 24cm). The shoulder edge measured 27cm (diameter 54cm).

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