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canada goose clearance 15 points submitted 8 hours agoBecause he will likely have as many rings as Lebron and with some pretty ridiculously efficient stats and the nephews of new canada goose uk black friday will try to compare them and I will have none of it. I will already be too busy trying to convince to them that Simmons is not as good as Lebron and these disney Star Wars are not even on the same playing field buy canada goose jacket cheap as the original trilogy or Lord of the Rings. God I fucking hate the next generations and I haven even met them yet.laggedfadster 1 point canadian goose jacket submitted 3 days agoNo, the closer you get to an option expiration the less time value it has and the more intrisinic value it has. So a call at 15 when the stock sells at 20 would grow closer to 5 as you approach expiration (since at a certain point you will execute the option and make 5). Adversely, if under the same scenario the stock trades for 10, your value Canada Goose Jackets would drop to zero as you approach maturity.Also please don’t try selling opruins anytime Canada Goose Outlet soon. The reward is not worth the risk until you know how cheap Canada Goose to properly mitigate that risk.The big thing is I have Canada Goose Online a 7% credit card that I can withdraw as cash without penalty. I have access to $50k in revolving credit. So, basically, I can pay off the monthly minimums with that acts as cash credit card (which. I done before).It is a really weird situation, but it certainly provides a lot of breathing room.It a gamble that I OK with. Should I pay off the debt now to save interest at the risk of reaping back the interest later if something bad happens? Or definitely pay more interest now to avoid the risk of incruing interest later? So, I figure it better to maybe pay interest later than to definitely pay interest now.BZenMojo 83 points submitted 4 days agoWhen art becomes purely consumption, artists become Canada Goose sale labor to be exploited and their creativity becomes commodified.That canada goose clearance the central conflict to nerd culture right now, the unwillingness to see art for canada goose store what it says and how it interrogates the world but for how it can validate an identity or fulfill an expectation.The irony is that speculative fiction/sci fi/fantasy often becomes popular because of the conversations that it starts, but at a certain point it becomes a collection of things that audiences lay claim to, and that inculcates an Canada Goose online empty traditionalism that undermines its ability to imagine and reflect.Woodport 2 points submitted 6 canada goose coats days agoMy roommate and I were talking about SpaceX whole satellite internet plan the other day and I hadn considered how investing could tie into it. It already really interesting that various companies could just move their headquarters to cheaper (less developed) areas and still get access to the rest of Canada Goose Parka the world, but if it truly became accessible from anywhere in the world what would that mean for less developed countries? Like, if a country similar to Venezuela is seeing hyperinflation and crippling economic/infrastructure issues, what happens if all it citizens just start investing in other currencies and countries to avoid the problem?blorg 4 points submitted 6 days agoJanuary 2000 things looked pretty great as well but if you invested in the S then you have ended up with less money ten years later. If you invested in tech stocks, much less. But canada goose factory sale even a fully diversified portfolio you would have canada goose uk shop lost money.Now you would eventually have come out ahead. I just pointing out that it isn a given that the market is always up ten years later (although for sure it usually is, and I expect it to be in ten years myself). It certainly not a given that it will double though. That complete bias from what you seen recently. It may continue. But it doesn canada goose coats on sale have to, markets can actually go down as well as up. 6 points submitted 5 days agoTwo reasons. One, it increases the likilhood that the giants are drafting saquon which means only 2 qbs should be taken with the first 8 or 9 picks, allowing a team to trade less for a lower pick. Two, if teams thinks the giants will take a qb at 2, then 3 out of the 4 big qbs will be drafted canada goose before the 4th pick. We know the browns and jets are uk canada goose outlet going qb and will not trade their pick, so the only option for a team to get a chance at their qb with some sort of certainty is to pry the pick from the giants hands. Even if the giants are planning on going Barkley, it buy canada goose jacket makes more sense cheap canada goose uk for them to lead on that they are going to go qb to try and get some insane offersWhen Danny first passes out in the bathroom and the doctor comes to visit, he laying on his bed next to a large brown bear pillow, and he covering his genitals.Another one is after Danny has been strangled in Room 237, he wrapped in a brown blanket, drinking chocolate milk, there a brown tablecloth, etc. And the painting behind him on the wall is of momma and baby brown bears Wendy was protecting him of course.The man in the brown bear costume giving the blowjob is what really ties it all together (it when Wendy finally “sees” what Jack has been doing to their son).I haven cracked this code yet (bahaha), but I think the use of toilets in certain shots is somehow telling. maybe he only remembers the abuse when there a toilet showing onscreen? In the scene where Danny goes to their room to get his firetruck and Jack has him sit on his lap, the shot of the toilet is just creepy. Eh.There also the possibility that the lady in Room 237 is Canada Goose Coats On Sale Jack. When she turns all gross and chases him out of the room, she got her arms up all creepy, and he backs out the room in the same way, with his arms up like a mirror, she represents the horror that he inflicting on his son.It a lifelong theory in progress. Whether or not you read more into it, it such a cool movie.Edit: There also the bit canada goose clearance https://www.canadagooseoutletmall.com sale where Jack Torrance canada goose black friday sale is reading a Playgirl uk canada goose magazine in the lobby goose coats when he first gets hired, and an article on the front cover is canada goose uk outlet about incest.

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